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Who are Citizens Advice?

Citizens Advice Bedford (CAB) is an independent charity, which provides free, independent, confidential and impartial information, advice and guidance across a wide range of issues to residents of Bedford Borough.

Citizens Advice Bedford at a local event

What do Citizens Advice do?

CAB is a member of the Citizens Advice network, a well-known and trusted nationwide brand, whose aims are:

  • To provide the advice people need for the problems they face,free of charge and without judgement.
  • To influence policy makers to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.

Since 1940, we have been delivering advice services, throughout always evidencing our extensive local knowledge and building on our strong track record helping Bedford Borough residents.

Topics we help with

We can offer advice on budgeting, debt, pensions, benefits, housing, employment, consumer and health issues – alongside many other issues.

and more…

Help to Claim

Our Help to Claim advisers can help you with the early stages of your Universal Credit claim. You can talk to them on the phone, or online over chat. You can read our online advice on Universal Credit at any time.

How we can help you

Advice and Assisted Form Filling

All forms are different and some may be complex, with a range of options and even different ways to complete the forms. Our Advisers are trained to understand the forms, to offer advice on which form is appropriate and to assist with obtaining and then completing the form, as well as offering comprehensive advice on benefits and the applications process. To book an appointment, please click here.

Generalied Casework

Generalist advice sessions provide advice on issues including welfare benefits, Universal Credit, debt, housing, consumer, employment, immigration (basic issues only) and many other areas. If we can’t assist we will provide a comprehensive signposting or referral service. comprehensive advice on benefits and the applications process. To book an appointment, please click here.

Universal Credit Help To Claim Service

Our Help to Claim service can support you in the early stages of your Universal Credit claim, from the application, through to your first payment.

Help to Claim is a dedicated service from Citizens Advice. It’s free, independent and confidential. Our trained advisers can help with things like how to gather evidence for your application or how to prepare for your work coach appointment.

Specialist Benefits Advice Service

Our Advisers will start with a comprehensive review of your current benefits and income, and will complete a thorough Better off calculation and Benefits Review, which will include national benefits, means-tested benefits, locally delivered benefits, as well as assisting with grant applications where appropriate.

Money Advice Service

Provided to residents of Bedford Borough and Central, our debt and money advice services can help with issues such as Council Tax debt, bailiffs, rent and mortgage arrears, housing benefit overpayments, credit and consumer debt and utilities debt.

Specialist Advice Services

As well as the services listed separately we have Energy and Homelessness Prevention Specialists who will provide ongoing casework support for those in need. To book appointments please click here.

How to access our help

One of our friendly advisor at Citizen's Advice Bedford

Citizens Advice Helpline

There is around a 45 minutes call wait to speak to an advisor at present. We are sorry about this and are doing all we can to help as many as possible. We are a charity run mostly by volunteers and we have an enormous number of calls each week and just don’t have enough funding or volunteers to answer them all.

Email Citizens Advice

You can use our Contact Form to request a call back or an email from one of our advisers. During busy periods this can take up to three working days but will usually be sooner.

One of our friendly advisor at Citizen's Advice Bedford
Inside the Citizens Advice Bedford office

Face-to-face help

We have availability for face to face appointments in our Harpur Centre office in the centre of Bedford.

These appointments are currently open to those with priority needs and will be offered to those who will benefit from seeing one of our advisers in person.

If you need some advice please call our Bedford Adviceline on 01234 867944 or use our contact form. If we think you need a face to face appointment we will arrange this with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get advice by viewing our helpguides, calling our helpline, or visiting our office where you can speak to someone on reception. 

Yes, were able to provide general information. However, for personalised advice tailored to your specific needs, the other individual would be required to register with us.

Our guidance is offered freely and confidentially. If you find it within your means to contribute a donation at any point, we appreciate it, but please know that this is entirely optional and not expected.

Visit our contact page to see the ways you can contact us. We will contact you by your chosen channel within 3 working days. Please be aware that if we telephone you it will show up as being from an unknown number.

There is a significant wait to speak to someone by phone at present. We are sorry about this, but we are a charity run mostly by volunteers and have many calls each week and are doing our best to recruit more volunteers.

All our advice is free and confidential. We won’t share your information with anyone else unless you give us permission too.

You can turn up although there is no guarantee you will be seen by an advisor, but you can speak to someone at reception. 

We recommend you contact us in advance. 

We are currently experiencing high demand for appointments. We are sorry about this, but we are a charity, and we are volunteer led. We are working hard to meet the demand for appointments, but it is possible that you may have to wait for an appointment of up to 3 weeks.

Our office opening times are Monday- Thursday 9:30am – 4pm.

Please leave us a telephone message on our admin line: 01234 346543

If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will be able to issue a food bank voucher.

Unfortunately, we can only help people who live or work Bedford.

You can search for a Citizens Advice office anywhere in the country here: